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We design and develop solar + storage solutions for commercial and industrial applications

LastMile Energy is a story of core infrastructure and clean-tech engineers coming together to promote distributed generation of solar energy and help consumers lower their energy costs. America's electricity market has reached a point on inflection where the century old model of centralized generation of power in remote areas and distributing it to the cities through large transmission and distribution lines is challenged head-on by rooftop and onsite solar generation. On-site generation is fast becoming increasingly more viable and sustainable than the cost of transmission and distribution of electricity. We firmly believe that distributed solar energy and energy storage will soon power the majority of the planet's entire energy needs.



LastMile Energy focuses on serving the solar energy needs of commercial and industrial consumers and helping them reduce their ... energy costs. Our scope of services range from simple layout preparation to running sophistical solar modeling scenarios and preparation of energy assessment reports demonstrating project viability and economics Read More

Design & Installation

All services including design optimization, system sizing, and safe installation of rooftops and ground mounted solar projects. Read More...

Financing & PPAs

LastMile helps consumers by offering long term power purchase agreement solutions, wherein the customer doesn't pay any money Read More

LastMile Energy and its affiliates / investors
have the following projects under various stages of development:

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